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Un omnibus en temps de grippe.

Le malade imaginaire. Je suis perdu...

Le Malade

L'apoplexie allant remplacer a Londres la paralysie

Le malade imaginaire. Je suis perdu...

Le Malade Imaginaire

La personne ... demande a monter toute de suite...

Paris Grippe. Comment toussez-vous?...

Eh! bien, monsieur Mitouflet...

Revue Comique de la Semaine Par Cham. -- La Grippe

[The Village Doctor]

Une seance de magnetisme.

The Blue Devils!

Der Schwanger Baur und Grillen vogt, Haben ietz g'funde hilff und rath.

The Sage Physician,...

Pretre-Medecin de la Terre de Feu

L'Ambulance de la Comedie Francaise en 1870

La Visite a l'Accouchee

Le Malade Imaginaire.

La Medecine

[Alexander Munro]

La Mauvaise Digestion

Dangereux effect des pates orientales,...

Mrs. Mary Davis of Great Saughall near Chester...

The Famous Mr Martin van Butchell

The Famous Mr. Martin van Butchell

Guy's Hospital, and Statue of Thomas Guy, the Founder.

Man is Burdened with Pains and Diseases

[Professor Munro]

Vue de l'Eglise et de l'Hopital.

Radere Tonsorem Decet, Havd Deglvbere Metvm

Templum et Monasterium SS. Sebastiani et Rochi,...

Norham Castle

[Pharmacopea Almeriana]

Cholera Preventative Costume.

Sept Contre un, ou le Comite de la Vaccine.

[The Spectacles Salesman]

Keep Within Compass and You Shall be Sure to Avoid Many Troubles Which Others Endure.

Keep Within Compass and You Shall be Sure to Avoid Many Troubles Which Others Endure.


Toujours les merveilles du diamant magnetiseur...

[Head of a Man with Deformed Nose and Injured Eye]


Tobit Despairs of his Blindness

Anatomical Study


Hyacum, et Lues Venerea

Doctor Phlogiston, the Priestly politician or the Political Priest!


Se. Apoline

The Funeral of the Remains of the Opposition!

The Living Heteradelph, or Duplex Boy

Les Charlatans

[Conjoined Twins born at Burstadt, near Worms]

Visite au Physicien

Les nouveaux medecins de la Republique

Charles Wright's Campaign Driving Away Real Pain.

Craniology. What a charming field for Scientific observation

Physiognomical Varieties.

Phrenological illustrations, or the Science practically developed.

The Phrenologist

The Phrenologist

a Phrenological Lecture

Calves' Heads and Brains: Or a Phrenological Lecture

The Physiognomist

A Representation of the several humorous Heads, exhibited in the Lecture on Heads: etched in Caricatura.

A Lecture on Heads and No Heads

Frontpiece to the Celebrated Lecture on Heads

Please Sir I don't think Mister Foozle takes his Fissick regler...

Now then Bob be off to Mr. Jone's

The Battle of the Cataplasm

Office of Nurses

The Invalid Digger

The Wounded at Scutari

Coram, quem, quaeritis adsum

Mesmer et la Faculte

Le Lendemain

The Old Maid's Thermometer

Doctor Cataplasm

Dr. Pare'em

The Guide to Health--or Bonnell Thornton's Consultation of Physicians

Le Medecin. Der Medicus

The Company of Undertakers

Medecin Hollandois

[The Dutch Physician]

Pharmacien endemie Fortune


Een Apothecar. Een Chirurgyn

A Cure for a Smokey Chimney

The Surges Petition, or the Barbers Triumphant

[Better Fed Than Taught]

Consultation of Physicians

[The Dissecting Room]

Chirurgien. Ein Wund-Arzt oder Barbierer

Femme de Chirurgien. Eine Barberers Frau

The Giant and the Dwarf

[The Queen of Tunis]
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