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Intramural myoma of uterus.

Retrograde embolous on abdominal aorta obstructing common iliac, inferior and superior mesenteric and renal arteries and celiac axis.

Tuberculosis ulceration of left vocal cord with perforation anteriorly and lateral extention to the soft tissues of the neck.

Invasion of the peritoneum by a carcinoma of the gall bladder.

Carcinoma of gall bladder with metastases to liver and regional lymph nodes.

Cecum showing pigmentation of the mucosa; adenocarcinoma and multiple polyp.

Diffuse involvement of stomache by malignant neoplasm: ulceration of mucosa.

Carcinoma of cervix with extention to corpus uteri, adnexae, inferior vena cava, left ovarian vein and ureter and fallopian tube.

Ulcerative pulmonary tuberculosis.

Syphilitic aortitis, cardiac hypertrophy, fibrous myocarditis.

Thrombosis of the hepatic veins.

Hypernephroma of the Kidney

Giant cell osteo - sarcoma of the tibia.

Tuberculosis of the adrenals. Addison?s disease.

Lymphosarcoma of mediastinum.

Metastatic carcinoma of duodeno-jejunal flexure with obstruction - Gastro-jejunostomy.

Polyp of a transverse colon.

Carcinoma of the stomache.

Congenital rhabdomyoma of the heart.

Carcinoma of the small intestine with secondary tumor in the mesentery.

Perforated typhoid ulcer; fibrino purulent peritonitis.

Typhoid ulcer of the ileum.

Adenocarcinoma and Bouble Ureter of Kidney

Tuberculosis of Prostate and Bladder

Acute Diffuse Nephritis

Acute Hemorrhagic Nephritis

Acute Hemorrhagic Nephritis

Hypernephroma of the Kidney

Multiple Abscesses of the Kidney

Mulitple Abscesses and infected infarcts of the Kidney

Infarcts of the Kidney

Stone in the Right Kidney

Adenoma of Prostate, Chronic Cystitis, Hypertrophy of Bladder, Cystic Calculus

Horseshoe Kidney

Congenital Urethral Valve; Hydroueters and Hydronephrosis

Chronic and Acute Diffuse Nephritis

Chronic and Acute Diffuse Nephritis

Hydronephrosis-Hyalinization and Hypertrophy of Glomeruli and Dilation of Tubules

Hydronephrosis Congenital Stenosis of the Ureter

Hydronephrosis, with Kink in Ureter

Chronic Diffuse Nephritis

Overgrowth of Median Lobe of Prostate. Hypertrophy of Bladder. Diverticulum. Prostatic and Periurethral Abscesses. Thrombosis of Veins of Prostatico-Vesical Plexus

Uretheral Stricture, Fibrosis of Ureters; Scars of Kidney

Chronic Diffuse Nephritis

Adenoma of Kidney

Chronic Diffuse Nephritis

Prostatic Hypertrophy; Hypertrophy of the Bladder; Dilation of the Ureter, Bilateral Hydronephrosis

Acute Diffuse Nephritis

Chronic Diffuse Nephritis Multiple Abscesses of Kidney


Acute Diffuse Nephritis

Acute Diffuse Nephritis (Acute Tonsilitis

Polycystic Kidneys 1. Individual Cyst 2. Giant Cells in Tubules

Congenital Polycystic Kidney Showing Variations of the Epithelium and of Smaller Cysts

Ureteritis Cystica Chronica

Ureteritis Cystica

Corrosion Preparation of Venus System of Normal Kidney

Corrosion of Arterial System and its Relation to Renal Pelvis. Frequent Type of Kidney

Pyelonephritis, showing sub-capsular abscesses

Acute Suppurative Nephritis (Pyelonephritis) Showing the involvement of Blood Vessels, Tubules and Glomeruli

Primary Carcinoma of the appendix.
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