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Bronchiectatic Cavity in an Old Organizing Pneumonia

Bronchiectatic Cavities at the base of a lung

Primary Carcinoma of the Gall Bladder with Ulceration and Fistula Formation, into (1) the Duodenum and (2) the Transverse Colon.

Infarct of Liver with Subcapsular Hemorrhage.

Congenital Cystic Kidneys

Primary Carcinoma of the Appendix

Spleen. Infarction and Miliary Tuberculosis. The Thrombosed Vessel Leading to the Infarct is seen on the right.

Congenital Anomaly. (1)- Atypical Patent Ductus Arteriosis. (2)- Patent Foramen Ovale. (3)- Complete Stenosis of the Pulmonary Valve. (4)- Atresia of the Right Ventricle

Endocardial Tumor Implants (Teratoma of Testis) in Right Auricle and Left Ventricle; Tumor Embolus in Renal Artery.

Loop of Ileum, Strangulated in Fibrous Cavity of an Old Pelvic Inflammatory Process.

Cells of Extradural Endothelioma of the Cervicaland Thoracic regions.

Primary Bronchial Carcinoma

Leiomysarcoma of Uterus

Carcinoma of Esophagus with Perforation into Bronchus and Aorta

Carcinoma of Bladder

Ruptured Tubal Pregnancy

Carcinoma Arising in a Gastric Ulcer

Necrotizing Broncho - Pneumonia

Necrotizing Gastritis Following Hydrochloric Poisoning.

Fibropurulent Peritonitis (Acute Appendicitis with Perforation.)

Organizing Focal Pneumonia : Thrombo-Arteritis of Pulmonary Arteries.

Proliferative Tuberculosis of the Spleen.

Thrombi in right Pulmonary Artery

Chronic and Acute Diffuse Nephritis

Odema, Congestion and Ulceration of the Larynx

Necrosis in the Malpighian Corpuscles of the Spleen

Bronch - Pneumonia in a Newborn Infant Showing the Fibrino Purulent Exudate

Acute Broncho - Pneumonia in a New Born Infant

Bone Marrow - Serous Atrophy

Carcinoma of Bronchus - Diffuse Pneumonia

Healed Mitral, Aortic and Tricuspid Endocarditis with Stenosis; Cardiac Hypertrophy and Dilation.

Diffuse Necrosis and Regeneration in Liver

Aneurysm of Aorta. Erosion of Vertebral Column. Rupture into Esophagus.

Mitral Stenosis and Ulcerative Endocarditis; Mural Thrombus in Left Auricle; Infarct in Papillary Muscle

Metastatic Carcinoma in Sternum, Iliac and Tracheo - Bronchial Lymph Nodes from Body of Uterus; Compression of Right Ureter.

Empyema Cavities

Carcinoma of the Uterus arising in a Polyp

Carcinoma of the Uterus arising in a Polyp

Pancreas - Island of Langerhans Showing Hyaline Necrosis

Rupture of the Chordate Tendinae of the Mitral Valve. Chronic and Acute Endocarditis.

Papillary Adenoma of Uterus

Thoracic organs in situ of a dog surviving 24 hours after a lethal dose of superpalate. Lungs are voluminous with numerous sharply defined patches of acute emphysema.

Bronco - Pneumonia and Purulent Pleurisy in Dog Dying 7 Days after Gassing

Mustard Gas Poisoning. Dog - Death 5-days

Winternitz : Path. of War Gas Poisoning P.42

Lung - Aspirated Vernix Caseosa

Chronic and Acute Diffuse Nephritis. Fat Stain.

Chronic and Acute Diffuse Nephritis

Agenesis of Left Kidney Anomaly of Left Seminal Vesicle Anomaly of Bifurcation of Aorta

Extensive Necrotizing Cystitis; Pyoureter and Pyonephrosis. Diphtheroid. (Experimantal)

Congenital Polycistic Kidney

Morphologic changes in the rat?s adrenal cortex under various experimental conditions.

Ernest L. Sarason, M.D.-- Archives of Pathology, March 1943, Vol. 35.

Thrombo - Arteritis of the Pulmonary Artery

Aneurysm of Left Ventricle

Cyanogen Chloride Poisoning Death after 5 hours. Dog.

Lungs of rabbit exposed to phosgene. (Conc. 0.22, duration 30 min.) Died after 12 hours.

Hemorrhage into perivascular sheath in dog dying 10 days after gassing. Phosgene.

Trachea of same case, opened from behind. Frothy fluid poiurs from out of both bronchi. Tracheal mucosa is normal save for slight congestionof vessels in the intercartilaginous zones.

Bronchioles with perinatal disintegration and desquamation of epithelium. Congestion and edema.

Edema and acute emphysema in acute stage.

Trachea and lungs of dog dying 12 hours after gassing. There is extreme edema, congestion and cyanosis of the lungs with patches of acute emphysema. Tracheal mucosa is nephrotic and covered by a sticky exudate.

Phosgene poisoning Monkey and guinea pig Death after 3 hours Phosgene poisoning goat Killed after 12 hours

Mustard gas poisoning. Dog - death after 5 days

Experimental dog cystitis

Cyanogen bromide poisoning Dog - death after 7 hours

Hydronetic kidney showing dilation of the calyses and atrophy of the pyramids

Chronic and acute cholangeitis. Dilated bile ducts in a superficial hepatic scar. Drawing A. Ruptured bile duct.

Obstruction of aortic isthmus by calcified thrombus.

Tricuspid, aortic and mitral stenosis cardiac hypertrophy and dilation. Hemorrhage at the apex of the left ventricle.

Tricuspid, aortic and mitral stenosis cardiac hypertrophy and dilation. Hemorrhage at the apex of the left ventricle.

Tricuspid, aortic and mitral stenosis cardiac hypertrophy and dilation. Hemorrhage at the apex of the left ventricle.

Tricuspid, aortic and mitral stenosis cardiac hypertrophy and dilation. Hemorrhage at the apex of the left ventricle.

Volvulus and gangrene of ileum.

Atresia of pulmonary artery and mitral valve. Hypoplasia of left ventricle. Patent ducts arteriosus and patent foramen ovale.

Fusiform dilatation of ascending aorta; cardiac hypertrophy and dilatation.

Fig. 2. Trachea and lungs of dog dying 5 days after gassing with chlorine.

Sigmoid kidney.

Tuberculosis of the genito-urinary tract; ulceration and rupture of the vas deferens.

Tuberculosis peritonitis.


Dilation and hypertrophy of the esophagus; chronic esophagitis.

Hodgkin?s disease involving lymph nodes, liver and spleen.

Carcinoma of the body of the uterus

Congenital polycistic kidney

Mural thrombus in aorta.

Atheromatous ulcer of the aorta

Carcinoma of the cervix. Vesico-vaginal fistula. Peritonitis. Hydronephrosis from ureteral obstruction.

Carcinoma of the rectum with cysts of Serosa.

Rupture of the liver

Liver - Primary carcinoma

Acute hemorrhagic colitis.

Papillary adenocarcinoma arising in cervix.

Lympho - sarcoma arising in the tonsil with invasion of the cervical, bronchial and mediastinal lymph glands.

Chondo sarcoma of the tibia.

Carcinoma of esophagus with perforation into rigtht bronchus.

Pyelitis and ureteritis cystica.

Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in liver. Primary growth in ovary.

Carcinoma of right ovary with metastasis to duodeno - jejunal flexure. Gastro - jejunostomy. Polyp of transverse colon.

Chronic and acute perforating duodenal ulcer. Acute gastric ulcer.
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