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Necrotizing and Organizing Broncho-Pneumonia

A. Chronic and Acute Diffuse Nephritis (Armin, gross) B. Histology of Chronic and Acute Diffuse Nephritis. Chronic Lesions (Elmira, hist) C. Chronic and Acute Diffuse Nephritis. Acute Lesions (Elmira, hist)

Kidney-Pappillary Adeno-Carcinoma

Multiple Abscesses of the Kidneys without Involvement of the Ureters

Hypernephroma Arising in the Broad Ligament. Cystic Degeneration

A. Congenital Cardiac Defect of the Interventricular Septum; Patent Foramen Ovale (Armin, gross)

Hemorrhage of the Left Adrenal Gland

Ulcerative Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Tuberculous Plurisy

Acute Bronchial Lymph Adenitis. (Influenza)

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Uterus

Carcinoma of the Uterus Showing Metaplasia of Epithelium from the Cylindrical to the Squamous Type

Uterus (Carcinoma)-Epithelium in Transitional Area

Hydrops of Gall Bladder

Dissecting Aneurysm Involving Aorta and Pulmonary Artery

Syphilitic Mesaortitis. Saccular Aneurysm of the Ascending Aorta

Metastases to Mitral Valve from Malignant Epithelial Neoplasm of Testes

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Forearm

Syphilitic Cirrhosis of the Liver

Strangulation of a Loop of Ileum in Old Pelvic Abscess Cavity

Agenesis of Diaphragm with Thoracic Ectopia of Abdominal Viscera

Diaphragmatic Hernia. Complete Rotation of Mesentery and Intestine

Rabbit. Pulmonary Infarct. Berlin Blue Vascular Injection Showing the Impermeability of the Infarcted Area

Carcinoma of Esophagus with Penetration of Trachea and Superior Vena Cava

Diffuse Hyperplasia and Adenomata of Parathyroid Glands


Aleppo Boil

Multiple Phleboliths of the Spleen

Tumor of the Carotid Body

Amebic Abscess of Liver

Thrombosis of Mesenteric, Splenic and Portal Veins; Infarcts of Spleen and Jejunum. Tuberculous Mesenteric Lymphadenitis

Mural Thrombus of Left Ventricle, in the Inter-Ventricular Septum

Syphilitic Mesaortitis with Perforation into Left Lung

Thrombus in Right Coronary Artery; Infarct of Myocardium.

Acute Vegetative Aortic Endocarditis

Dilated Right Ventricle Containing Mural Thrombus

Lung of Dog Dying in Acute Stage After Gassing with Chlorine Shows Extreme Congestion. Moderate Edema and Alternating Patches of Acute Emphysema and Partial Atelectasis. Congestion and Edema are Most Pronounced in Collapsed Areas

Tongue, Larynx and Trachea of Dog Dying 2 Days After Exposure to Mustard Gas, Showing Edema. Larynx, Membranous Tracheitis and Laryngitis

Mustard Gas Poisoning. Dog-Death after 2 days

Lung of Dog Dying 12 Hours After Gassing. Note Emphysematous Area on Right Beneath Pleura. Collapsed Lung Tissue on Left. On Extreme Left There is a Bronchus with Sloughing Mucosa and Below This an Area of Focal Necrosis with ?Cooked? Alveolar Walls

Organizing and Interstitial Pneumonia and Pulmonary Edema in a Dog Gassed Three Times with Chlorine. Died 2 Days after Third Gassing and 23 Days after First Exposure

Necrotizing Esophagus with Sinus Formation; Suppurative Peri-Esophagitis

Hernia of Stomach Through Left Leaf of Diaphragm

Metastatic Malignant Melanoma in Left Lung with Extension to Bronchus [Primary in Left Eye]

Cross Section of Uterine Wall Showing Carcinoma

Carcinoma Arising in a Uterine Polyp

Syphilitic Aneurysm of Aorta

Ethyl-Dichlor-Arsine Poisoning. Dog-Death After 24 Hours

Superpalite Poisoning. Dog-Death after 2 days

A. Mustard Gas Poisoning. Dog-Death after 7 Days B. Mustard Gas Poisoning. Dog-Death after 4 Days

Mustard Gas Poisoning. Dog - Death after exposure

Lung. A Small Bronchus is Completely Occluded by Sloughed Epithelium. The Outer Coat of a Small Artery is Extremely Edematous

Syphilitic Aortitis with Fistula Between Aneurysm and Inferior Vena Cava

Carcinoma of Head of Pancreas with Occlusion of Common and Cystic Bile Ducts A.B.C.-Cross Sections Through Head of Pancreas in Region of Common Bile Duct

A. Papilloma of the Bladder B. Papilloma of the Bladder

Congenital Anomalies: Double Urinary Bladders-Double Urethras-Misplaced Uterus

Pneumonia Arising Diffusely Throughout Tissue Full of Edema. Small Enlargement Shows Desquamation of Alveolar. Cells as Well as Slight Leucocytic Infiltration

Metastases From Malignant Epithelial Neoplasm of Testis

Congenital Atresia of Esophagus with Tracheo-Esophageal Fistula


Chlorine Poisoning. Dog-Death after 8 Days

Hypertrophy of the Heart. Chronic Diffuse Nephritis

Miscellaneous. Rabbit No. 162 Infarct of the Lung Produced by the Insufflation of 6 C.C. of 0.25% H.C.L.

Emboli in Branches of Pulmonary Artery

Thrombi in Iliac And Femoral Veins

Acute Vegetative and Ulcerative Mitral Endocarditis

Traumatic Rupture of Aorta

Anomalous Branch of Right Coronary Artery Replacing Circumflex Branch of Left Coronary Artery

Section of Liver of Dog Dying 2 Days After Exposure to a Lethal Dose of Arsine. The Kupffer Cells are Laden with Pigment in their Cytoplasm

Syphilitic Aneurysm of Aorta Communicating with Pulmonary Artery

Myotic Aneurism at base of Aorta. A. - Is right half of C; cut made at dotted line

Myotic Aneurism at base of Aorta. A. - Is right half of C; cut made at dotted line

Myotic Aneurism at base of Aorta. A. - Is right half of C; cut made at dotted line

Atresia of Mitral Valve. Hypoplasia of Left Ventricle. Patent Ductus Arteriosus and Patent Foramen Ovale.

Hypernephroma of Kidney

Dilated Recto-sigmoid with Orifice into Vagina and Abnormal Uterus, Tube and Ovary

Syphilitic Aneurism of Aorta

Chronic and Acute Hepatitis

Chronic and Acute Hepatitis

From Spalteholz vol III - page 551

Polyp of Colon with Secondary Intussusception

Anterior View of Mesonephric Duct Cyst. The Intestines and their Mesenteries have been removed to permit better visualization.

Gangrene of the Lung

a. Syphilitic Arteritis at the base of the Aorta. b. Syphilitic Mesaortitis (Elastic Tissue Stain).

a. Syphilitic Arteritis at the base of the Aorta. b. Syphilitic Mesaortitis (Elastic Tissue Stain).

Hemorrhage into Mesentery and Wall of Duodenum

Gangrene of Small Intestine

Necrosis and Hemorrhagic Infiltration of a Strangulated Loop of Ileum

Hemorrhage into Malpighian Corpuscle of the Spleen

Organized Thrombus in right Pulmonary Artery

Organizing Thrombus of the Renal Artery

Tuberculosis of Uterus, Sigmoid and Pouch of Douglas

Melanoma of the Rectum arising in a Pigmented Mole

Melanoma of the Rectum arising in a Pigmented Mole

Necrotizing Broncho-Pneumonia. To show the variation in the extent of the Inflammatory Process in the closely adjacent Lobules. (Two cases)

Necrotizing Broncho-Pneumonia involvement of Bronchus

Cardiac Hypertrophy. Chronic Diffuse Nephritis. Pyelitis.

Arsenic Poisoning. Fat in Cells of the Kidney and Liver.

Plexiform Hemangioma af the Interauricular Septum
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