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Hemangiectases-Thrombus and Hemorrhage

Sub-Serious Myomata of the Uterus

Normal Relations of Azygos Vein Anomoly of Azygos Vein, with Azygos Lobe of Lung

Interstitial Pulmonary Emphysema

Organizing Broncho-Pneumonia with Bronchiectatic Cavities

Lobar Pneumonia. Fibrino-Purulent Pleurisy

Chronic Cystitis-Ureteritis and Pyleitis with Hydroureter and Hydronephrosis

Duodenal Ulcer with Thrombosis of Eroded Blood Vessel, Diverticula of Stomach

Chronic and Acute Tricuspid Endocarditis; Cardiac Hypertrophy and Dilatation (on right)

Complete Situs Transversus with Anomalies of Heart and Vessels

Carcinoma of the Esophagus with Extension to Stomach

Mitral and Aortic Vegetative Endocarditis [Strep. Viridans]

Dissecting Aneurysm Involving Aorta and Pulmonary Artery

Acute Diffuse Nephritis

Aneurysm of Left Ventricle. Organizing Mural Thrombus

Section of Left Ventricle and Septum; Aneurysm with Mural Thrombus

Auricular Surface of the Anomalous and Fenestrated Tricuspid Valve. Displacement of the Ring Posteriorly Toward the Apex

Abscesses in Myocardium

Mitral Stenosis with Thrombus in Left Auricle

Mustard Gas Poisoning. Dog-Death After 1 Month

Vegetative Aortic Endocarditis [Pneumococcus]

Healed Tricuspid Endocarditis with Stenosis; Dilatation of Right Auricle

Calcification of the Aortic Valve with Stenosis

Papilloma of the Penis

Syphilitic Arteritis. Thrombosis. (Popliteal Artery)

Adenofibroma of the Breast

Eventration of Diaphragm. Pulmonary Atelectasis. Displacement of Mediastinum

Thrombosis of Portal Radicals with Gangrene of the Ileum

Pyosalpinx, Ruptured, with Fibrino-Purulent Peritonitis

Serous Atrophy of Sub.Epicardial Fat

Acute Bacterial Aortic Endocarditis; Embolic Abscess of Myocardium; Fibrinous Pericarditis

Tuberculosis of Spleen

Organizing, Fibrinous and Hemorrhagic Pericarditis; extensive Sub-endocardial Ecchymosis

Aneurysm of Left Ventricle

Vegetative and Ulcerative Aortic Valvulitis; Acute Mitral Endocarditis

A. Vegetative Aortic Endocarditis B. Vegetative Aortic Endocarditis with Involvement of Interventricular Septum C. Tricuspid Valve. Secondary Involvement from Vegetative Aortic Endocarditis D. Mitral Valve. Secondary Involvement from Vegetative Aortic Endocarditis

Auricular Surface of the Anomalous and Fenestrated Tricuspid Valve. Displacement of the Ring Posteriorly Toward the Apex

Posterior View of Biliary System. Obstrusction of Hepatic Duct by Carcinoma of Pancreas

Fibrous Adhesions Between Loops of Intestines, Liver, and Mesentary

Obstruction of Common Bile Duct by Scar Tissue. Stomach and Duodenum Pulled Down

Diagram of the Relations of the Viscera Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Complete Obstruction of Illium with Old and Recent Rupture. Meconium Peritonitis

Cirrhosis of Liver

Adenocarcinoma of Ascending colon with Invasion of Renal, Caval and Mesenteric Veins

Malignant Nephrosclerosis; Serosal and Mucosal Hemorrhages; Edema and Ulcers of Colon

Carcinoma of Bronchus-Right Lung. [Total Pneumonectomy]

Dissecting Aneurysms of Aorta (Tyson: Dissecting Aneurysm. A.M.J.Path.)

Syphilitic Mesaortitis with Aneurysm and Thrombus Formation

Infarcts of the Spleen

Multiple Congenital Anomalies: Diaphragmatic Hernia Containing Stomach, Spleen, and Left Adrenal; Incomplete Rotation of Intestines; Bicornuate Uterus and Bifid Vagina

Structure in Common Bile Duct; Fistula from Hepatic Duct to Abscess; Sinus Tract [Operative] to Cystic Duct

Tuberculous Osteomyelitis with Psoas Abscess

Congenital Malformation: Cloaca and Imperforate Anus

Duodenal Ulcer with Erosion of Artery. Carcinoma of Ampulla of Vater; Bile Duct Ostruction; Chronic Cholecystitis

Metastases of Melanotic Sarcoma in Heart

Erosion of Gall Bladder and Duodenum by Gall Stones with Obstruction of Jejunum

Congenital Aneurysm of Vertebral Artery at Origin of Left Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery A.-Residual Segment of Artery Wall B.-Vertebral Artery C.-Dilated Aqueduct of Sylvius D.-Compressed Pons

Tuberculous Ulcer of Duodenum

Orthopedic Pins in Recto-Uterine Fold and in Urinary Bladder

Bronchogenic Carcinoma Extending to Mediastinum

Hypertrophy and Dilatation of Right Auricle and Ventricle

Anomaly of Fallopian Tube

Necrosis of the Liver (Bacterial)

Actinomycotic Abcesses of Liver

Infarct and Mural Thrombus of the Heart

Transplantation of Ureters into Rectum in a Case of Carcinoma of the Bladder

Chronic Mitral Endocarditis-Early Mitral Stenosis

Aneurysm of the Abdominal Aorta

Broncho-Pneumonia. Early Lesion

Esophageal and Pyloric Stenosis

Lung. Interstitial Emphysema

Pulmonary Embolus (Arising from a Thrombus on the Iliac Vein)

Chronic and Acute Ulcerative Mitral and Aortic Endocarditis

Broncho-pneumonia. Hemorrhagic Exudate with 1) Aneurysmal Dilation of Capillaries and 2) Thrombosis and Necrosis of Capillary Walls

Broncho-Pneumonia-Organization of Exudate. Proliferation of Bronchial Epithelium Which Resembles a Neoplasm

Anastomosis of Esophagus and Jejunum; Enteroenterostomy

Persistant Mesocolon with (Clinically) Volvulus; Necrosis of Ascending Colon

Carcinoma of Stomach; Metastasis to Mesentery and Head of Pancreas; Obstruction of Bile Ducts; Dilatation of Gall Bladder and Hepatic Ducts; Obstruction and Dilatation of Pancreatic Duct; Atrophy of Pancreas; Gastro-Jejunostomy

Necrosis of Esophagus (Mercury Poisoning)

Carcinoma in Head of Pancreas (Metastasis from Stomach); Obstruction of Bile Ducts; Dilatation of Hepatic Ducts and Gall Bladder (Lateral View)

Gumma of the Lung (Hemberger, hist)

Gumma of the Lung (Schaefer, gross)

Vegetative Aortic Endocarditis

Situs Transversus

Stenosis of Pulmonary Valve; Vegetative Pulmonary Artertis; Dextroposition of Aorta; Interventricular Interauricular Septal Defects

Infantile Coarctation of the Aorta

Carcinoma of the Gall Bladder Showing Cell Types (Hemberger, hist, 1919)

Carcinoma of the Gall Bladder, Showing also Gall-Stones (Schaefer, gross, 1918)

Urinary Bladder. Calculus Found in Diverticulum of the Bladder

Infected Infarct of the Intestine

Localized Empyema with Fistula into Lung Abscess

Organizing Broncho-Pneumonia

Broncho-Pneumonia-Small Abscess in Interlobular Connective Tissue

A. Cirrhosis of Liver with Primary Carcinoma B. Tumor Thrombus in Right Auricle and Ventricle. [Primary Carcinoma of Liver]

Congenital Defect in Diaphragm

Multiple Anomalies of Heart

Organizing Broncheolitis and Broncheolectasis-Organizing Focal Pneumonia

Pneumonia and Emphysema

Carcinoma of Sigmoid; Rupture into Peritonial Cavity; Multiple Fistulae into Bladder

Aneurysmal Dilatation of Blood Vessel with Rupture into Tuberculous Cavity
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