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Mortar and pestle

Stoneware jug

AGARIC: ALB: covered porcelain drug jar

AXUNG: BENZOINA: covered porcelain drug jar

EXT. COPAIBA covered porcelain drug jar

Batik printing blocks

Wood and cork stoppers

Rubber nipples

Number label book wallet

Fur bark


Jamaica dogwood


Buckthorn bark


Sherman's Headache Remedy

Tablet Sennall

Dr. Deane's Dyspepsia Pills

Dana's Liver and Kidney Pills

Dr. C.W. Benson's Celery and Chamomile Pills

Pavara Pills

Kickapoo Pills

Pyramid Pills

Liquozone Laxative

West's Vegetable Liver Pills

Lilly's Lime

Rush's Pills


Uva - Lax

Perfection Tablet Bottle


Dr. Richard's Dyspepsia Tablets

Little Hop Pills


Paquin Hand Cream


Antiseptic ointment

Violette wintergreen breath mints

Nail Polish Remover

Sunsol sunscreen

Drug bottle

Drug bottle with unknown medicine

Drug container

Puretest Rhinitis Tablets

Pre-Meer Powders for headache and neuralgia

Drug bottle with unknown medicine

Higby's Headache Powders

Prince Albert crimp cut wrappers

Laxative Iron=ox Tablets

Cerizane Cough Balsam

Medicine container

Holloway's Pills

Mother Seigel's Operating Pills

Smith Bile Beans

Kanes's Anticostives


Directions for Dr. Humphreys' No. Fifty-five

Huxham's tinct. bark drug label

Drug labels - Various

Trask's Oinment

Dunbar's Cough Lozenges

Dr. S.A. Weaver's CERATE

Echinacea Oinment

Smith's Bile Beans

Hood's Olive Ointment

Dr. Whitehall's Rheumatic Cure

Dr. Trowbridge's Dandelion Pills

Dr. Swayne's Pills

Hill's Rheumatic Pills

Dr. Hunt's New Corn Cure

Beecham's Cough Pills

Wooden Pill Box

Dr. John Hooper Female Pills

Windam Lee's Pills

Glass medicine bottle

Pill box

Apothecary chest





Mortar and pestle

Drug bottle

POTASS drug bottle

Drug bottle

POTASS. CHLOR. drug bottle

Drug bottle

Drug bottle

EXT.STRAWB drug bottle

Poison Beware drug bottle

SUBNIT BISMUTH drug bottle

TINCT. GUAIAC. AM drug bottle

OL. CAMPHOR drug bottle

Drug bottle

Drug bottle

TINCT. ARNICA drug bottle

SPTS OF CAMPHOR drug bottle

Laboratory bottles in a rack

Drug bottle

Drug bottle
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