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Tak skracajac droge, mozesz...skrocic zycie

Nie ryzykuj

Jej nie oszukasz

Smierci nie Przescigniesz!

Stop AIDS - "Fennel"

Stop AIDS - "Red Pepper"

Ici la protection est aussi requise - Women's Fencing

Ici la protection est aussi requise - Men's Hockey

Stopien Ryzyka

Excessive Drinking Destroys...

The first thing that Dissolves in Alcohol...

Warning Signs of Addiction to Alcohol

Beware! A Person Can Die of Alcohol Poisoning

Continuous Drinking of Alcohol

If you drink because you feel you "need a drink"...

Lung Cancer Will Soon Be...

Why Start A Life Under A Cloud?

Like Mother, Like Daughter


I miss my lung, Bob.

Get in touch with your body

Fun, off the job keeps him on the job

Sure a bottle of milk is a bottle of health

Drink Milk Morning Noon and Night

Posture A Mark of Distinction

Posture A Mark of Distinction

American soldier could catch it with ease

Both of these men had syphilis

Avoid Easy Women!

Syphilis A Million New Victims Each Year

Stamp Out Venereal Disease

Ludendorff-Spende fur Kriegsbeschadigte

We've Still Got a Big Job to Do!

Serum 703

The Night Runner

Doctors Don't Tell

The Young Doctors

Flight Nurse

The Doctor and the Girl

The Courageous Doctor Christian

Doctora, Tengo Fiebre

The Hospital

The Disorderly Orderly

Shock Treatment

Les Yeux Sans Visage

Birth of Triplets

The Christine Jorgensen Story

I Feel Like Screaming

Freedom From Choice

Gag Me With a Coat Hanger


Stoned Agin!

Be Prepared

Nixon's the One

Have You Had Your Pill Today

False Shame

National Coming Out Day ...

To hell with their profits -- Stop forced drugging of psychiatric inmates!

What can you spare that they can wear?

You Don't Have to be a Queenie to Get AIDS

There's Nothing New Under the Sun...


Most Promiscuous Women Have Venereal Disease

Silhouettes of Hope

A Drug guide for Heads

Drug Addiction or Drug Addict and Me

Cigarettes are Poison

Crack Down!

Always Fasten Safety Belt

Rationing means a fair share for all of us

Rationing Means a Fair Share for All of Us

David and Lisa

Couveuses d'enfants

False Shame

Baldwin's Kidney and Gravel Pills

Baldwin's Nerve Tonic Pills

Baldwin's Sarsaparilla and Peruvian Bark

Baldwin's Herbal Tonic Mixture

Baldwin's Herbal Female Pills

Baldwin's Bilious and Liver Pills

Baldwin's Herbal Blood Pills

Baldwin's Wind and Digestive Pills

Baldwin's Patent Medicines
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