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Off to the hospital-No last minute worry when plans are made early

In a clean, well-equipped delivery room doctor and nurse can give best care to mother and baby

Trained nurses care for baby in a spotless nursery

Visiting nurse helps prepare and sterilize the supplies for home delivery

Father helps at home delivery with sterile water and warm things for baby

A clean home is safer for delivery than a poor hospital

The visiting nurse helps care for the new baby

Mother learns something from the nurse each day

Baby's own food gives him the very best start in life

Help with the housework allows time for needed rest

Diaper service saves work

A leisurely lunch while baby sleeps

Mother rests while baby has a sunbath

A check-up six weeks and three months after baby comes

Junior Powder

De Milanaise

Beech-Nut Chewing Tobacco

Woman's Edition, November 1, 1895, Chicago Evening Journal. For the Benefit of the Maternity Hospital. 1895

Gr�ce au timbre antituberculeux: nous les sauvons de la mort, nous les rendons a la vie

Der Wille des Menschen

Der Mensch als Industriepalast

Der Mensch als Industriepalast

Die Atmung des Menschen

Clerambourg Grains laxatifs; la machine humaine

La Visiteuse D'hygiène vous Montrera le Chemin de la Santé

Suivez ces Conseils Vous Vivrez Longtemps

�crasez la Tuberculose et Sauvez L'enfance

Mac Nevin's Powders

Les Vaccinations--Mettent A L'Abri de Nombreuses Maladies Contagieuses [Vaccinations-- Shelter them from many communicable diseases]

L'Embrocation chanteclair [Chanteclair Liniment]

L'Embrocation chanteclair [The Chanteclair Embrocation]

Twice a Patriot!

Ignorance = Fear, Silence = Death


Complete Your Education Then Come With Me I Lead to World Wide Opportunity

Feed a Fighter


The Best War Books On the Map

The Basic 7

Eat the Basic 7...Every Day!

Have your daily meals from each of the six food groups

Health & Fitness Bring Courage & Cheerfulness

Cleansing of Utensils with Infected Earth Spreads Diseases

Four Rules for Good Teeth

Our Children Need Nutritious Food from each group...

Hindi Poster 1

Don't let up. Keep on Saving Food.

No Ifs, Ands or Butts...

The Next to Go

Protect Your Health!

Tooth pain disappears with Veramon-Shering

Russian Contraception Poster 1

Japanese Poster 2

Japanese Poster 1

"The Centlivre Tonic"

Les terrains de jeux c'est la santé des enfants.

La Visiteuse d'hygiène chasse la maladie et apporte la santé

La santé comme la fortune vient en dormant...la fenêtre ouverte.

Fight Pain and Disease with Morris Evans' Renowned Remedies

Poudre du Dr. Deliastre

Reumáticos Artriticos.Doloricure

Dental care keeps him on the job

Safety first keeps him on the job

Foods that count keep him on the job

Galakton, A Nourishing Food

Can Vegetables, Fruit, and the Kaiser, too

Battle with Alcoholism

Doctors are Scarce...

Hold up your end!


Save...and Serve the Cause of Freedom

Lincoln said...

Victory is a Question of Stamina

Eat to Beat the Devil--Meat, Poultry of Fish

Keep Your Eye on the Job

Fit to be Tied--A Week Ago. Get First Aid at Once

Watch Your Step!

Don't Bring Sorrow into Someone's Home

Don't Let Death Take Your Holiday

Less Visibility More Caution

Ace High in the Game of Life

Gone Forever

For 1946 Let's Pledge Safe Walking

Watch Your Step

Ouverture et Continuite: CHU Necker Ferm...:

The Power of Love Stop AIDS

Health is Ammunition Too!

Serve Those Who Served

Now more than ever--your Red Cross is at his side

We Keep In Touch

Take a Red Cross Home Nursing Course

Blood Saves Lives

On the Job...Blood Services

On the Job...First Aid Emergency Training

Mothers let them go - give them a chance of greater safety and health

She's in the Ranks too!

Will you give a helping hand too?

Thank You Says the Soldier

If you can't go to the factory help the neighbour who can

Mind That Cyclist! Give Him Room
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