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Le Vin Desiles

La Croix-Soleil

Defend yourself against syphilis

"Ah! Quand supprimera-t-on l'Alcool?"

Third Red Cross Roll Call

Pour la sante! Cinq Remedes choisis entre tous

Journee Nationale des Tuberculeux. Anciens Militaires. Sauvons-les

Service. Surgical Dressings for War Relief

What Can You Do? Join Our Red Cross

Tuttle's Family Elixir

Tuttle's Horse Elixir

What Are You Doing to Help?

Save the Serbians from Cholera

Ligue Nationale Francaise contre le Peril Venerien. La syphilis est un terrible fleau...


A. D. S. Fig Syrup and Senna Compound

Weest Niet Absurd...

Bickmore's Gall Cure

Combattez la Tuberculose

Il faut vaincre la tuberculose comme le plus malfaisant des reptiles

Un Grand Fleau/La Tuberculose

lust auf sex? Sicher!

Sex klappt sicher

AIDS Crisis

AIDS: Casual Sleeping Around

AIDS Never Sleeps

Drug Addiction = Suicide

AIDS For minutes of pleasure, the payment is life

They Don't Wear Labels

Syphilis und Gonorrhoe: Briten Sich Aus. Denke an Deine Gesundheit

Danger: Disease Ahead! Gonorrhea Syphilis

Many Who Enter Mental Hospitals Confused..Depressed..Frightened Leave Confident..Able..Happy

"Le Lait de la Mère Appartient a L'Enfant"

Bébé est très fragile la mort le guette a tout instant

Le Biberon ne Vaut Pas le Sein Maternel

Aedes Mosquitoes Bite Night and Day

Knock out this enemy

Don't do this or this

VD can wreck a lot of plans

VD: nothing to be proud of

VD: don't smear your ship

VD may ruin your career

Asociacion Nacional de Medicos de Lucha Antituberculosa


Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

Venereal Diseases and the Fight Against Them. Album - Exhibition Set, Cover [Cover of the Venereal Diseases album demonstration set. Published in Moscow by the People’s Committee on Health, 1928]

How to Organize a Demonstration on Fighting Venereal Diseases

Venereal Diseases – a Great Societal Evil

Syphilis is a Widespread Disease/Tripper is more Widespread than Syphilis in Urban Populations

Among Minorities and Minority Ethnic Groups, Syphilis is Especially Widespread

The Prevalence of Syphilis

Alcoholic Beverages Promote Infection by Venereal Disease

Syphilis Infects Primarily Through:

Syphilis is Transmitted Through Kissing

An Infant Can be Infected with Syphilis through Another’s Bottle

Syphilis is Transmitted by Eating from a Common Dish

Syphilis can be Transmitted by Sharing a Cigarette

Prof. Schaudin


Primary Syphilis (hard chancre)

Primary Syphilis (Hard Chancre), Woman

Secondary Syphilis

Secondary Syphilis (papillae)

Tertiary Syphilis

Congenital Syphilis

Syphilis can be Cured!

Proper Treatment of a Woman Infected with Syphilis, especially during Pregnancy, ensures a Healthy Progeny

It is never too late to treat Syphilis

Prof. Ehrlich

Tripper (Gonorrhea)

Prof. Neisser

Male Urinary/Reproductive Organs

Male Urinary/Reproductive Organs Infected with Gonorrhea

Female Reproductive and Urinary Organs

Internal Female Reproduction Organs (Healthy and Infected with Gonorrhea)

Gonorrhea can Deprive a Woman of the Joy of Motherhood

Gonorrheal Eye Infection in a Newborn (Can be Prevented)


Venereal Clinic and Venereal Mobile Unit

With every year, the battlefront against venereal disease strengthens

In the Tsar’s army, the ignorance and stress of soldiers and the long conscription time contributed to the spread of venereal disease

The infection of another individual by venereal disease is a serious crime

Venereal Dispenser - Headquarters for combating venereal diseases

Capitalism generates the causes of prostitution: lack of rights, material want, homelessness

Socialistic development, improvement of women’s labor qualifications, involvement of women in political and social affairs, protection of women and children removes the causes of prostitution

A Work Profilactorium provides medical help, work, and living quarters to unemployed women with venereal diseases

Fighting Prostitution in the Soviet Republic

It is our responsibility to preserve/protect our health.

Health (or Hygiene) education is the foundation of citizens’ health.

Washing Face: I will use my own sink and towel to wash my face.

Washing hands: I will wash hands before taking the meal and after using the restroom.

Brushing Teeth: I brush my teeth in the morning, after meals, and before sleep.

Bowel Movement: I use the toilet at a regular time during the day.

Don't ease bowels or urinate outdoors: I will do that in the restroom.

Eating 1: I take my meals at regular times.

Eating II: I chew food thoroughly and swallow slowly when I eat.

Drinking Water: I use my own glass (or cup) and drink plenty of water

Vegetables and Fruits: I will eat a lot of cooked vegetables and clean fruits.

Play: I play outdoors a lot.

Posture: I sit, stand, and walk upright.
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