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Going home? Don't be delayed by VD.

Almost! VD

AIDS Prevention

Have Handy Sherriffs Ointment

VD: Take Care

Beware...Drink only approved water. Never Give a Germ a Break

It's an Old American Custom: Keep Clean. Take a Bath Every Day That You Can

Don't be your own Doctor! If You're Sick--Report Sick. Never Give a Germ a Break.

Typhus is Spread by Lice...Report Lice At Once. Use Louse Powder.

When a fly wipes his feet on your food HE'S SPREADING DISEASE! Never Give a Germ a Break.

Save his life... and find your own. Be a Nurse.

Save his life... and find your own

"We'll have lots to eat this winter, won't we Mother?" Grow your own, Can your own

Can All You Can. It's a Real War Job!

Food is a weapon: don't waste it!

Your GIFTS did this for me!

Service above Self. Medical Department, United States Army

CARE is costly: Buy and hold war bonds

Avoid Fatigue: Eat a Lunch that Packs a Punch!

Good Food means Good Work

Eat 3 well-balanced meals every day.

EAT to beat the devil

In order to preserve one's health, cleanliness is required

Gonorrhea, social scourge

Thomas Pettifer & Co. Limited,

She May Look Clean-But

Easy to Get... Syphilis and Gonorrhea

Impregnation Gives Protection (Scrub Typhus Fever)

This Chigger Carries Scrub Typhus Fever

If You Are in This Area Look Out for Scrub Typhus Fever

Dig for Victory: For their sake - Grow Your Own Vegetables!

Your own vegetables all the year round... if you dig for victory now

Achetez le Timbre Antituberculeux

"You won't believe what we like to wear in bed."

"You won't believe what we like to wear in bed."


Operation of Emergency Medical Services

There is no Substitute

Condoman Says: Don't be Shame, Be Game

Introducing the Anti-Horny Patch

Work on a farm... this Summer

Donne ton sang pour sauver une vie

The Smoke We Live In

Narkotyki to gowno [Drugs are Shit]

Why does one get dysentery?

To fight Diphtheria Strengthen the health of your children

What one should know about polio (childhood paralysis)

Breast Cancer (Cancer of the Mammary Gland) can be prevented

Intestinal parasites are enemies of health

Know for sure- get blood tests before marriage

Junior Red Cross

Don't forget that flies, dirty hands, contaminated food products, and water can be the reason for typhus and dysentery infections

Free Exhibition of Prints

Some People Still Believe that Mental Illness Comes Suddenly

Some People Still Believe that Mental Illness is Inherited

Recovery Is Possible for the Mentally Ill

Some People Believe that Mental Illness is a Disgrace...

Canadian Farmers: Be Proud of the Milk Which You Produce

Safeguard your Health by Caring for Your Teeth

To Protect Myself and Safeguard my Family Against Disease

The Population of this Township, Year 41 (that is 1952)

Always wear shoes

Wash your hands with water and soap before eating and after using the restroom.

Mosquitoes carry malaria....Ask a health official about how to combat and protect against it

Flies pester us...and cause many diseases...like trachoma...and typhoid...and diarrhea

Keep your school clean. Throw the waste in the wastepaper basket

The Gas Industry Joins hands with the Government in promoting Nutrition as a War-Winning Weapon

Tie in your local nutrition work with the national campaign

To the 85,000,000 American who rely on Gas for Cooking

All Food Chains Now Can Join in "National Nutrition Program"

U.S. Needs US Strong

Eat Milk & Eggs

Eat Breads & Cereals

Eat Meat, Poultry, or Fish

Eat Fruits & Vegetables

All these Nutrition Helps are available

Arbeiter Hunger Tod naht, Streik zerstort, Arbeit ernahrt, Tut eure Pflicht arbeitet

For Health...eat some food from each group...every day!

No home remedy ever cured Gonorrhea

Our Children Need Healthy Recreation

Con Queste Armi Vinciamo la Tubercolosi

Ehrenuryunde fur Forderung der Internationalen Hygiene Ausstellung Dresden 1911

Join the parade, We Had Polio Vaccine. Get your polio shots now

Mothers! Dads! protect us from polio. Start our vaccinations now.

Royal Windsor

Ratistyx To destroy rats without traps without bait

If you cough Take some Pastilles Geraudel

If you cough

Le Vin Desiles

The Powders of Cock

Bi-Borax Oriental

Baume Sadi


Plus de Convulsions. Guerison infallible avec le Veritable Sachet Anti-Convulsif

Les Blesses de la Tuberculose

Cure Toni-Depurative

Andrews for Inner Cleanliness

Nereide. Je Gueris mal de mer & toute maladies de l'estomac plus de vomissements de grossesse

Reglisse Florent Cantrarel Avignon France.

Pastilles au Miel
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