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Joannes McNamara Hayes Chirurgus

George Haworth, M.D.

And Hay Surgeon Royal Navy

One of Dr. Hayne's Books

Ex Libris One of Dr. John Hayne's Books

Ex Libris - Dr. Alan W. Hazelton

MCMXLVIII - Ex Libris Alan. W. Hazelton

Dr. Head

Thomas E. Headlam

T. E. Headlam, M.D,

Headly, Surgeon, Calne

John Drakin Keaton, M.D.

John Arthur Dakenne Keaton

Ex Libris Ph. Mr. M. Helcelet

James Henry, M.D.

George Hepburn M.D.

E. Libris W. J. Heslop F.R.C.S. Edin.

Thomas Heywood, Surgeon

W. C. Heywood, M.D. Kenwith Lodge

Ex Libris John Hepworth

James Hibbins, M.D.

Charles Cyril Hicks, M.D.

W. R. Highmore, M.D.

James Hill, Apothecary, Ross

John Field

Chas. H. B. Heaton Ellis Freemasons Hospital, 237 Fulham Road, Chelsea, S.W.

Johannes Elliotson, M.D.

W. Clement Daniel, M.D. Epsom

The Royal Society of Medicine, From the books on the Science of Neurology presented by Aline Singer D.B.E. in memory of David Ferrier Kt. M.D. Ll. D., F.R.S., 1843-1928

R. Dartnell, M.D.

John Dane

Mr. Daglish, Surgeon

John Dalton

Charles Daly M.D.

William James Fleming, M.D.

John Osborn Fleming, M.D.

William Henry Fitton, M.D.

William Fidge M.D.

Er Libris Dr. med. L. Bluder

Thomas Fuller, M.D

Ex Libris C. H. Fuchs

Richard Buie M.D. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

Thomas Frewen, M.D,

Ex Libris Ralph W. French, M.D.

French Protestant Hospital Library

Ed: French, M:D

Ex Libris Robert Westcott Frelick M.D.

John Freer Surgeon

The Freemasons Hospital Library

Willm. Fraser, M.D.

Patrick Fraser, M.D.

Willm. Fraser, F.R.S.

Thomas Franks. M.D. F.R.S. aB.

George Forbes M.D.

John Forbes M.D. F.R.S.

Robert Edger Surgeon

Henry Moreton Dyer

Partick S. Fraser, M.D.

William Henry Elliot, M.D.

Sr. John Eliot Bart.

Duncan Frazer of Auchnagarn Esq.

Edw. Jacob F.S.D.

Dr. Robert James

Ex Libris Robert Rutsojn James FRCS

Walter B. James, M.D.

Dr. John Jeffries

Dr. John Jeffries

William Hillary M:D Bath

Peter Hindley

Richard Hobson

Richard Hobson M.D. Col. Regin. Cantab.

Samuel Holland, M.D.

Revd. Samuel Holland A.M. & M.D.

W. Holland. MD Retford Notts

E. Hollier Dudley

Holman Wellington Surgeon

Ex Libris W. L. Holman

Right Honorable Patrick Hume, Earl of Marchmont, Viscount of Blasonberry ...etc.

Dr. John Holyoake

A. Jarvie Hood M.B.

Donald W. Charles Hood M.D. Cantab

John Hope, M.D.

Frederick Horn Surgeon

John Horsley, M.D.

George Kavanaugh M.D.

Dr. D. W. Houston, His Book

Jos. S. Howard, M.D. Mem. Coll. Surg. Lond.

E. Libris W. B. Houghton, M.D.

Alfred Howe Terry Bacon

Arthur Dashwood Howard, M.D.

Th. Fuller, M.D.

Tho. Fuller Heathfield

John Hudson NB F.R.S.

Ex Libris Clark Leonard Hull

Thomas Hull, MD

Josephus Hume M.D.

Joseph Hume

Ex-Libris Arthur Munnard

Alfred I. Impey M.D.

Ex Libris George Sumner Huntington
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