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Ino Anderson Surgeon

Ino Anderdon Bridgewater

John Anderson M.D.

M. Adrews M.D.

Thomas Andrews

John Andrews St. John's Coll. Oxon.

Ex Libris Dr. Edmumd Andrews

Thomas Ansell MD. FLS.

Thomas Ansell

Ex Libris Silas Reed Anthony

Henry Appleton, M.D.

Henry Appleton, M.D.

Thomas Arnold, M.D.

Henry Jambert Arden Surgeon

John Ash, M.D,

John Ashburner, M.D.

John Ashburner, M.D.

John Ashburner, M.D.

John Ashburner. M.D.

S. R. Ashton, M.D.

Ex Libris Edm. Atkinson Portesbery Hill, Camberley

Ex-Libris Edmundi Atkinson


Thos. Atwood M.D.

Adam Austin M.D.

O. Winslow Austin, M.D. Liber No.

Peter Aylsoard (?)

William Babington (1756-1833)

Ex Libris Dr. Marcus Backer

Ex Libris Alfred Howe Terry Bacon

T. Baddeley Surgeon

Thomas Bainbrigg, M.D.

Bagge, M.D.

William Joseph Bagne

Abraham Bagnell M.D.

Irving Bagnell, M.D.

Charles Balguy of Peterburough, M.D.

Prof. J. Henry Balfour, F.R.S.

Sir Thomas Baker, Skerton House, Old Trafford

Andrew Wood Baird Jr., Member of the Royal College of Physicians

Hy Barham, M.D.

Bibliothecae M. Hyacinthi Theodori Baron

Theodoric B. Banister,. M.D.

Robert Hall Blakewell, M.D.

George Balderstones Chirurgion

J. Balmanno, M.D.

J. Balmanno Glasgow, No,

Edward Barlow, M.D.

Thomas Herbert Barker, M.D.

Robert Sydenham Fancourt Barnes M.D.

John Milner Barry, M.D.

Ex Libris J. W. Bartlett M.D. F.R.P.S.

Chas. Spence Bate

George Bateman, M.D.

Benjamin Bates, M.D., L. Missenden Bucks

Charles Pope Bates, M.R.C.S.

Ex Libris Gulielmi Bates, A.B.

Ex Libris Gulielmi Bates, M. D.

Ex libris Vaughan Bateson Physicus et Chirurgeon

This Book Belongs to Doctor Battersby

R. Batty, M.D.

Ex libris Dr. J. M. W. Baumanni

W. Baylies, M.D.

William Bay, M.D.

Benjamin Broadbent Humberton, Leicester

An. Bave

Jas. Makittrick Adair M.D.

J. Beatty, M.D.

James Beatty

William J. Beatty, A.M.M.B.

F. Beavan, M.D.

Edward Beck M.D. / Cantab

T.L. Beddoes e Coll Pemb./ Oxon

I. Bedford PH MD Univ Patav

W. Viner Bedolfe M.D.

Ex Libris Dr. Tompson Bednall

Thomas Beevor


W. Beilby, M.D.

W. Beilby M.D,

Benjamin Bell Surgeon

J. Belchier

John P. Bell, M.D.

Thos. Bell, M.D.

Thos. Bell M.D.

Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell F.R.S.

Vernon Bell

Vernon Bell, M.D.

R:H: Alexan Bennet

George Bennett, M.D.

Hon. John Beresford

L. C. Berger

W. Berington M.D.

Bernard Surgeon

Alex Bertram. M.D.

Alex Bertram

Fr. Biddulph M.H./O.B. 20. Jan. 1794 Ae 28

Henry Lord Langdale, M.R., 37 South Street

Henry Lord Langdale M.R., Roehampton
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