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George W. Northard, Hospital Number 20, 508


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Harewood U.S.A. General Hospital, R.B. Bontecou, Surgeon U.S. Vols., In charge



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Historical Medical Photography Collection

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Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library. Historical Library

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Reed B. Bontecou, Gunshot Wounds Illustrated (Binder's Title)


George W. Northard. Hospital Number, 20,508. George W. Northard, Sergt. Co. G., 2d Ohio Cav., age 28. wounded, April 1, 1865. at the battle of Petersburg. - Admitted to Harewood U.S.A. General Hospital, April 1, 1865, with gunshot wound of right knee. The ball entered just above the patella through which it passed, fracturing it into six fragments - passed downward and outward, fracturing external condyle of femur, and escaped. On the 8th of April he was etherized, and Surg. R. B. Bontecou, U.S.V., removed the fractured patella and a fragment of the external condyle. The constitutional state of the patient at the time of the operation was very good. After the operation the limb was placed in a box containing bran, and the patient put on low diet. Subsequently the limb was placed upon a light open splint, extending from the tuberosity of the ischium to a point near the heel, and suspended by a cord; and the patient put on nutritious diet with wine and porter. On the 13th of April he was transferred to a tent ward. Up to this time he suffered considerable pain in the joint, and was very restless and irritable. His appetite become poor, hiccough and vomiting set in. Suppuration was profuse and the patient died April 22d, from exhaustion. Harewood U.S.A. General Hospital, R. B. BONTECOU, Surgeon U.S. Vols., In charge.