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About Historical Medical Poster Collection

La Croix-Soleil.
Leonetto Cappiello
French, b. Italy, 1875-1942

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library's newly formed collection of historical medical posters brings together various works included in gifts and bequests of Yale Medical faculty Clements C. Fry, Ira V. Hiscock, George M. Smith; the bequest of medical library founder Arnold C. Klebs; gifts of New York collector and benefactor William H. Helfand; and acquisitions through endowments.

The collection ranges from large size posters meant to be pasted on the sides of buildings and viewed from afar to small glossy placards designed for store windows.

The collection focuses primarily on public health communications, but also has examples of medical product advertising, recruiting, and aid and relief solicitations.

Digitizing and cataloging of the collection will be on-going.

There are 583 posters in this collection.

This collection was last updated 622 days ago.

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